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Therapeutic Interventions Designed for You

I have experience working with people of all ages and walks of life. I have treated a variety of cases, including:

  • Gambling, Alcohol and Sex Addictions
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse
  • Individuals Overwhelmed by Depression and Anxiety
  • Individuals Whose Inability to Make Important Life Choices Has Prevented Them from Moving Ahead
  • Individuals with Difficulty Establishing a Meaningful Relationship


I have helped clients deal effectively with:

  • Child-Parent Conflict
  • Couples Who Have Lost Their Intimacy, Trust and Love
  • Divorce Issues
  • Self-esteem Issues
  • Trauma
  • Interpersonal Problems
  • Gender Issues
  • Problems Related to the Workplace
  • General Challenges of Self-doubt
  • Inadequacy, Longing, Frustration, Stress, Anger, Aging
  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression
  • Stress

My therapy is done within a framework of utilizing an integrative psychotherapeutic approach including the following therapeutic models:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Emotionally-Focused Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy

Overcoming Obstacles in Your Life

Every day brings us to a new crossroad: in marriage, relationships, work, family, education, community – you name it! Sometimes, these crossroads appear several times a day, and occasionally they appear so often we feel overwhelmed because we are expected to make choices that seem beyond our ability to deal with.

A Relationship Based on Trust

Psychotherapy involves building a relationship based on trust with a skilled, caring, non-judgemental therapist. Through this process I can help you learn to make proper choices, improve your relationships, reduce stress, avoid depression, and establish and achieve goals that are right for you.


My range of services are aimed to help couples, individuals and families alike jumpstart their journey toward a healthy life.

  • Marriage Therapy
  • Individual, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Gender Issues
  • Trauma
  • Long and Short Term Goals

Set Up a Personal Meeting

Jumpstart your healthy life by meeting one-on-one with psychotherapist Eva Newman

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